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Social organisms, including human(s), live collectively in interacting populations. This interaction is considered social whether they are aware of it or not, and whether the exchange is voluntary or not.

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  1. nomad

    Social commerce

    Using social media sites for ecommerce activities like buying and selling products and services is referred to as social commerce. There are a lot of social media sites where you can do social commerce, for instance you can open your own shop on Facebook and Instagram. You can also sell through...
  2. nomad

    Creating social media content

    When it comes to using social media platforms, are you a consumer or a creator? In case you are a creator, what kind of contents do you create, what platform do you use for sharing content, what is type purpose of creating content, do you also make money with your content? Well, I create content...
  3. nomad

    General What is your favorite social media site?

    I use multiple social media sites for personal and business related tasks. I am active in at least half a dozen sites. When I say active, I mean I use them at least once a day. My best social site is Facebook. I use it for personal and professional task.
  4. Heatman

    General Have anyone blocked you on social media?

    Blocking someone on social media is a feature that is integrated to make sure that you stop people from harassing you online. Have you ever had the experience of someone blocking you online for expressing your opinion? Have you ever blocked someone from harassing you online when you are not...
  5. Heatman

    General How many hours do you spend on tiktok daily?

    Are you making use of the social media platform called TikTok? For those who are using it, how many hours are you spending on the site every day? What are the main thing which you're doing on TikTok whenever you're making use of it?
  6. Aragon Burner

    How's life?

    So how's things with all of you? Things going good in your lives? Maybe not so good? Well, share your thoughts on how your life is going in your opinion. I'm doing pretty well actually. I'm still a hermit and barely leave the house, but I'll get there lol... Being on the Autism spectrum I find...

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