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Free content, libre content, libre information, or free information is any kind of functional work, work of art, or other creative content that meets the definition of a free cultural work, meaning "works or expressions which can be freely studied, applied, copied and/or modified, by anyone, for any purpose."

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  1. nomad

    General Making money as a video creator

    Making videos and posting on various sites to make money is one of the most popular online money making method. It is not easy but it is certainly doable as you just need mobile phone and internet. You can publish short videos, long videos, stream videos and make money. Have you tried making...
  2. nomad

    Creating social media content

    When it comes to using social media platforms, are you a consumer or a creator? In case you are a creator, what kind of contents do you create, what platform do you use for sharing content, what is type purpose of creating content, do you also make money with your content? Well, I create content...
  3. nomad

    Using gen ai for content creation

    These days you can find Generative AI tools to create different kinds of content. You can use Gen AI to create articles, images and graphics, podcasts, and videos. What are your thoughts on using Gen AI for creating content? Do you use AI to create content? What AI tolls are you using?
  4. nomad

    General Do you use gen ai?

    Do you use Generative AI tool? What Generative AI tool do you use? What do you use Gen AI for? I use Gen AI mostly for content creation, content ideas, and content research. I use a lot of tools but ChatGPT is my best tool.
  5. B

    General Do you have a youtube channel?

    So, who here has a YouTube channel? What's it about and when did you start it? I've got a channel which I started in 2014, but only started posting videos in 2017, building it up from there. Now, I've got 10k subs and mainly focus my content on EV's cars and bikes. What about you?
  6. Aragon Burner

    Poll What age group are you?

    To get an idea of the age of the members we have now and will get in the future, it would help if you all answered this poll... It will help me tailor content to the appropriate age groups.

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